Board Game Design

Designing a board game from scratch.


Free hand vector drawing

University Project

Year 2 brief, designing a board game that would introduce factorial information to players about certain areas of climate change. I opted to base my board game on an environmental theme of my choice, which was Nuclear power and it’s effects to the Earth.


As my second Year project, I had to push my own skills and boundaries, using my previous knowledge I gained more knowledge around my typeface through research.

Here is how my time was utilised.

Days of Work
Specialist Areas
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As part of my university brief I had to design a board game based around the environmental change to do with Nuclear Power.

About the game

In Greener Earth, players are Environmentalist competing to save the world from producing more nuclear power plants. Environmentalists will explore different zones, harvest natural resources, use those resources to build more energy-efficient power supplies in each city across the board game.

Whilst doing all of this they will complete secret objectives to try and sabotage their opponent into the building and producing
nuclear power. The Environmentalists will need to guess the secret the objective of other players to be able to benefit from them and to
try and stop the sabotage!

The game includes three sets of objectives, enabling players to choose between a short, medium and long game. The game will need 3 – 6 players.

To accompany the game, I had to design:

  • A board design
  • Player pieces (up to 6 colours)
  • Factual cards to cover; building greener energy, sabotage cards
  • Game pieces; nuclear power plants (up to 6 colours), greener
    energy pieces